Happy, Healthy and Local

We pride ourselves on being Happy, Healthy and Local. This website is dedicated to bringing you the latest information on how to be Happy and Healthy, as well as how to go about supporting Local Businesses.

We are Happy.

As one of the Founding Farmers I have learned a great deal about the benefits of a healthy, local lifestyle and its effects on my general Happiness. I came from a forty plus pound over weight existence where I was constantly tired and unhappy. Four years later after losing the weight and starting my own local farm and I’m feeling happier than ever and ready to share my experiences with you.

We are Healthy.

I will regularly post tips, recipes, experiences and videos that have helped me on my journey as well as content from others that have brought insight along the way. If you are interested in eating healthier, practicing sustainability, losing weight, expanding your exercise routine or creating one and desire to obtain a general piece of mind then this is the place for you!

We are Local.

Our products are grown right here in Texas. We are able to harvest fresh produce from our farm to your dinner table as quickly as possible. If you recently purchased some of our lettuce or herbs feel free to peruse the top menu for Care Instructions, Tips and Recipes. On behalf of the Francis and Thatcher Family of Farmers I’d like to thank you for supporting your local farmer!

Join the Journey!!!